Our dear Pacific has been hit again with another cyclone.

Communities across Fiji have been devastated by the strongest storm ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere. Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Winston has flattened entire villages with torrential rain, storm surges and wind gusts of up to 325 km/h – mother nature has left yet again, another trail of mass destruction.

In support of UNICEF Australia’s Fiji Children’s Emergency Appeal – QUTPA will be joining to raise funds for those deeply affected by Cyclone Winston Fiji. All proceeds will aid UNICEF Australia to:

  • Deliver emergency water, health and nutritional supplies to families who have lost everything.
  • Set up child-friendly spaces to keep kids off the streets and away from danger.
  • Provide counselling and pyschosocial support for children suffering profound stress.
  • Help kids get back to school and through every step of the long-term recovery.

QUTPA will also be stationed at the Gardens Point Campus on

  • Friday (11th March) – 9am-3pm
  • Monday (14th March) – 9am-3pm
  • Thursday (17th March) – 9am-3pm

seeking donations from the QUT Community. If you would like to VOLUNTEER please come along and visit us on the dates above! All are welcome!


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