If you haven’t had the chance to meet your QUTPA committee for 2017, here’s a little profile of each member.



I am the second eldest of 6 siblings and currently doing a double major in Civil and
Environmental Engineering (Honours Programme). I moved to Australia on my own when I was 18 to study and at first I struggled a lot due to the new environment and culture. Thankfully, upon joining uni, I was introduced by a close friend to QUTPA which became a safe haven for me and soon enough they became my family away from home. Being a part of this association has kept me grounded in more ways than one and it has given me a sense of belonging.

By taking on the role as President, I will do the best that I can and work along side the current committee to return the favour two times over and ensure that we maintain the balance between social, academic and cultural aspects of uni life and also find ways to encourage, uplift and bring out the best in Pacific and Non Pacific Islander students.

17362734_733194523550513_4577193189264590277_n.jpgDENZIL AUMUA | Vice-President

I currently study a Bachelor of Secondary Education after completing two years of Industrial Design at QUT. I come from family built on values of service to others and bettering the communities in which we live. QUTPA welcomed me two years ago and surrounded me with people who share similar ideologies and beliefs. Through combining such values with the act of teaching and helping others, I hope to help strengthen the importance of service amongst youth and young adults. I’m so excited to see what the future holds for me not just as a student and member of QUTPA but also after university life.

17353347_733194386883860_3641364300481677394_nCHRISTINA ATI-LUPELAKE | Secretary 

I am the eldest of four children and the first in my immediate family to go to university. I am currently in my 4th year of study, undertaking a Bachelor of Justice here at QUT. When I graduate next year, I hope to work in the field of Justice or Law, with a special interest in the Corrections Agency – Inspections, Probation & Parole, Courts etc.

QUTPA has helped me so much with the transition from high school to university and it has provided me with so many opportunities to excel in my academic studies and career prospects. Through QUTPA I have gained another family here on earth and I only hope to give back to the association, all that it has done for me, if not more. We have a huge year ahead but anything is possible with God by your side.

17352451_733194383550527_4026700152031786090_nSO’O LUPE TUISAMOA | Treasurer

My name is So’o Tuisamoa and I am the man. I’m currently in my third year studying double Bachelors of Business and Information Technology, majoring in Accounting and Computer Science. I am the better looking and smartest of 6 kids, and will be the first to graduate when I do. After graduation I want to work in Taxation, but if that doesn’t work out, I guess I can do something in Software Development.

My aim in QUTPA this year is provide decent financial governance over the association so that new members will be able to enjoy the fun that I and many other members were lucky to have enjoyed. Studies will be stressful, and you might lose your way, but, “if you constantly remind yourself why you started, then you’ll never forget where you’re headed.”

17353635_733257840210848_5370832884963661148_nTEMALISI FINAU | Campus Culture Director

My name is Temalisi Finau and I am studying a Bachelor of Business (Accountancy). I am the eldest of two and am in my 2nd year of uni. When I graduate I hope to work as an accountant or tax agent. My aim for QUTPA this year is to bring forward somemore events which will help promote the association and university life for all Pasifika students and to also build a stronger relationship between our Mela, Micro & Poly members.

I know studies will only continue to get tougher from here on in but remember “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”(Psalm 46:1). Wishing you all nothing but a successful year!

17424782_733194390217193_5794607810167465572_nHINANO KAISARA | Sports Director

Hi everyone, I’m Hinano and I was born on the beautiful island of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. I’m a 3rd year nursing student here at QUT and am currently in my final year. My goal and passion is to be a scrub/scout and anaesthetic nurse in the operating theatre and in order for me to achieve my goal I need to be a registered nurse, so that is why I’m here studying my Bachelor of Nursing. I enjoy spending my time at the beach, playing sports, exercising/training, hiking, listening to music, going to the movies, reading and spending quality time with family & friends.

My aim for 2017 is for QUTPA to pursue consistency, encompass compassion and empathy while ultimately formulating strongholds of collaborations.

17353305_733194673550498_3777314731288240196_nTESSALINA FARAIMO | Social Media Director

HOLA! I’m Tessalina a.k.a Lina, half of QUTPA’s 2017 social media team. My ethnicity is a bit of a fruitsalad mix (s/o to my parents 🙄), but I mainly identify as Tongan/Samoan and am currently studying a double Bachelors of Paramedicine and Nursing. Being born and raised in Auckland, I moved to Australia in hopes of seizing greater opportunities for my future. My plan after graduation is to complete my Doctorate of Medicine to then pursue my dream career as an Army Medic, in hopes to be deployed in support of humanitarian relief operations.

Throughout my studies, QUTPA has been my on-campus family, helping me feel a little less like a fish out of water. I hope to provide the same feeling of acceptance and love for all those I cross paths with and would like nothing more than to see QUTPA continue to grow and flourish. I hope to meet you all someday if I haven’t had the pleasure of doing so already.

17362580_733194446883854_2554750505256162435_n.jpgTRAVIS LEE | Social Media Director

Hey guys! I’m Travis, 1/2 of QUTPA’s social media team for 2017. I am Chinese, quarter Fijian and I was raised in the Solomon Islands. I moved to Australia to complete my later years of education and am now in my 3rd year at QUT studying a Bachelor of Design (Architectural Studies). After graduation I aim to work in an architecture firm, specialising in visualisation because I believe “presentation is key”. Some of my favourite personal interests are drawing, playing basketball and listening to music.

As social media director I hope to showcase creativity and a certain flare through visual presentation whilst keeping our look at a professional standard. My goal for QUTPA this year is to gain positive exposure campus-wide as well as throughout the Pasifika community within Brisbane. Don’t forget to chuck us a sneaky like on our social media posts every now and then!

17353116_733194503550515_5883672713581971458_nCHRISTOPHER McNEELY | Communications Officer

I’m the eldest of 7, Auckland born Maori, Samoan and Irish decent. First of my family to study in tertiary, been studying in uni a few years now. One year IT, two years in Engineering currently in Business. I’ve been with QUTPA since ’15 and made friends whilst having amazing experiences that no other place in uni has come close to. QUTPA was incredible when it found me, I aspire to leave it even better afterwards.

Love & peace.

17353182_733194430217189_940508981261659225_n.jpgISRAEL FALEOLO | Liaison Officer

My name is Israel Faleolo and I will be QUTPAs Liaison Officer for 2017. I am a proud Christian of Samoan and Tongan decent and have grown up in South Auckland, New Zealand. I moved to Australia a year ago with my family to study Civil Engineering here in Australia. I am currently in my first year of my civil engineering degree and aiming to graduate with honors. With my civil engineering degree I plan to run my own engineering business, and fund a scholarship for pasifika islanders who plan to study civil engineering in New Zealand and Australia.

As QUTPAs liaison officer my aim is to create positive relationships within our association and with other University Associations. With these positive relationships we can enjoy our time at University and graduate with that expensive “paper” that our parents and grandparents have sacrificed so much for.

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