Studying at QUT

International Students

If you’re an International Student, studying in Australia may be very different to studying in your home country! QUT has over 40,000 students including 7,000 international students and it is evident we have a diverse and culture-rich student population. There are plenty of great opportunities to meet and connect with others from Australia, from the Pacific and from all over the world!

Some of our QUTPA members performing at the QUT International College Graduation

What to expect at QUT

Study load

Most students study 4 units each semester with 3 units being the minimum to be classed as “full-time” study. You will normally have around 4 contact hours per week for each unit, including lectures, tutorials and practical classes and can expect to spend 8-15 hours a week outside of class working on study, preparatory tasks and assessments.


Lectures are classes taught by usually one lecturer or professor on a specific subject. Class sizes for lectures, particularly for first-year or intro units, can be very large but don’t let this deter you as it is a great place to make friends in your course!

Lectures are a time for listening and taking notes. Although attendance may not affect your grade it’s still worth the effort as you may have chances to ask questions, add your input and there are even lecturers that may use physical resources i.e. drawing diagrams on the whiteboard etc.

However all lectures are recorded and the lecture material is available to you online. Therefore you can catch up at home if you miss a class, or better yet you can print your class materials before the lecture and be prepared for class 😉!


Many units also have tutorials, which are smaller classes where you can study the course material in more depth, and also ask questions and discuss issues with your tutor. Tutorials are also a great opportunity to get to know the people in your class and if you do not understand something in the course material, or if you have a question about assessment your tutor is the first person you should speak to.

Practical units

Some of our courses have practical units. Practical units let you get real, hands-on experience. They might be laboratory classes, practice times or workshop classes, depending on your course.


Assessment can be:

  • individual or group-based
  • written assignments or oral presentations (pre-recorded, live or both)
  • exams during or at the end of semester
  • practical tasks or placement

Learning spaces

Our library is not just for quiet study – it has social spaces and group study rooms so you can work together with your classmates and friends.

Libraries are open 7 days a week, and we have several 24-hour computer labs, meaning that you can get your study done at the most convenient time for you. We also have access to online resources and databases to help you research your assessment properly and you can seek assistance from our friendly librarians.

Get connected

Wireless internet (wifi) is available everywhere on both campuses, just log in with your student ID to connect.


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