Making the decision to go to university is a big deal for everyone and if you are a Pacific Islander – New Zealand Citizen there are extra factors to consider. Knowing your residency status (which affects how you pay for uni), financial entitlements and support you can get for University can make a huge difference.

QUT provides New Zealand citizens with financial assistance and other support regardless of their residency status. However, it is important for New Zealand Citizens to know:

  • You are entitled to a Commonwealth supported place at uni – this means you pay the same fees as Australian Citizens to study
  • However, you have to be an Australian Citizen to get HECS-HELP (a student loan from the Government). Without HECS-HELP, uni fees need to be paid up-front at the start of each semester.
  • There are some potential changes to HECS-eligibility for NZ citizens. These changes are yet to be endorsed.

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